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For Expatriate or Foreigner or Rich people A TALOR MADE INTRODUCTION

Pomd’Amour acts, for a select group of amazing and successful people in their work. We act for: Business men, CEO, Owners, G.M, Doctors, Lawyers etc... Including retired healthy and wealthy men and women.

We do proposals according to your exact criteriacheck list and requirements with follow up on a regular basis. Privacy, confidentiality  and discretion are our principal objectives.

This special service includes proposals of potential clients NOT members, we widen our search using our PR circle.

Your profile will remain confidential as well as your personal information 

Private membership fees:
FEES Starting $3000 (using our PR circle)
Duration 18 months, up to 8 meetings and/or contacts guaranteed
$2000 to start a search and send you proposals, as per your criteria
$1000 to start meetings people you have choosen

The Honorable payment in case of success is $2000 as minimum (and $5000 as maximum) depend on your generosity. PomdAmour will donate 10% to Lebanese’s NGO
Please note we have NO refund policy. 
For more information call Mrs Sraih
+961 70 945 299 - contact@pomdamour.net 


Our online payment is secured and confidential. You can also use our IBAN interbank transfer. or Wetern Union services

TERMS AND CONDITIONS .  APPLY NOW it is 100% Confidential 

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