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  • Marriage Civil pour une deuxième noce

    Bonjour Solange, comment vas tu?

    D'abord j'aime souligner que j'ai été très à l'aise avec ton service,

    Au faite nous nous sommes mariés le mois dernier discrètement à Chypre  ! J'apprécie sa compagnie, il est humble et amusant, aussi bien qu’honnête… je suis heureuse 

    Merci bcp pour ton aide et support.

  • Happy couple in UK!

    Dear Solange
    I thank you for your email and I was very glad to see you at our wedding.
    I would like to share this important experience that changed my life and you find here below the text that you could use for this aim:
    Long ago and since I was in my twenties, I knew that I could not live a single life. I am glad to be born female and I wanted to fill my femininity with love: loving and being loved is vital to me.
    While I was trying to meet my life time companion, I made efforts in various ways but it was in vain. I met different people but couldn’t meet Him.  Till the moment I decided to contact “Pomdamour” for this purpose.. I was hesitating and asked for some encouragement and some details from Solange.
    In fact it all happened in a short time, in less than one year, I registered at Pomdamour and met Him. We fell for each other’s and got married. We are now very happy with each other’s. It just took me this step forward and here I am: as happy as can be!
    I wish the same for all those who cannot tolerate a single life.
    The motto of Pomdamour turned to be really accurate: “Qui ne tente rien n’a rien, un chemin se découvre en faisant les premiers pas”.
     Thanks again for every thing.
    Wishing you all the best

  • Les deux habitent le Liban

    Bonjour Solange,
    Tout va très bien. Je suis content avec T. Elle est naturelle, sensible et sympathique.  On se marie le 25 Octobre 2012 à…….. Tu es la bienvenue.Ca nous fera grand plaisir. On a peut être précipité notre décision de se marier mais a vrai dire tous les deux on sentait qu\'il y avait uen grande complicité entre nous, pourquoi attendre !  Nous partons le 30 en voyage de noce en Italie.
    A la fin je te remercie de ton aide et te souhaite plein succès dans ton boulot.

  • Comme des Tourteraux!

    Bonjour Solange,
    Merci pour le compliment!
    J'espère que tu vas bien.
    Moi ca va, je prépare mon mariage avec Wil…. et ca va être dans un mois, le 09/10/2011.
    Je te remercie pour tous les efforts que tu as fais pour moi et pour tous les autres candidats, car maintenant que j''ai retrouvé l'âme sœur je suis très heureuse.
    All the best
    G...Age: 42 ans

  • Both reside in Dubai!

    Dear Solange,
    Thank you for your wishes. I hope you are doing great!
    My testimonial for you as promised : 

    " Sometimes love is where you least find it.At first I didn’t know what to expect but sooner than I thought I was introduced to a wonderful man. Since the day we met I knew we were made for each other and I wasn't mistaken. Our relationship is very strong, and our love for each other is growing stronger each day. We got married the past month!May2011

    Thank you Solange for helping us find each other! "

  • Lebanese woman CEO

    Dear Solange,
    Hope to find you well with this email.
    I would like to express my appreciation to Pomdamour assistance.
    I would like to inform you that I am getting well with W…. and keep dating him.
    I discovered that he has many good qualities and a very pleasant personality.
    We like each others.  Therefore, I will not be able to meet any other person,  
    I thank you very much for your cooperation. 


    Best regards,
    G> Age: 42


    ‘They get married in December 2011’

  • They had meetings in 3 cities!

    Dear Solange,You have changed our life and we will always be thankful to you.

    After our first meeting in the airport we agreed to see each other in Montreal but we thought we can't really have a decision unless I see Qatar ,his place and the surrounding. So I flew last Thursday and after our on line conversations and our dates here we discovered how we were both looking for each other all these years and there was a great chemistry and we had the same objectives.  he is a great guy so special and full of tenderness, smart and caring...........I can go on for ever about him.

    We will have our wedding next summer in Lebanon. You are going to be the first on our list because without you we wouldn't met. You will always be in our mind and heart because you were the reason behind our gathering.

    Thank you and I will surely keep you posted.
    Kisses from K…..

  • Lui Expatrié dans le Golf

    Bonsoir Solange,

    Comment allez-vous?  

    Je suis très heureuse de vous  faire part de notre mariage le 28 janvier 2011. Et ns vous remercions beaucoup G….et Moi.

    Vous étiez Comme une mère et une sœur  pour  moi