Our History

Pomdamour.net is not a dating site it's a matrimonial agency (traditional introduction services) since 2007 Based in Lebanon works with Lebanese locals and Diaspora. we collaborate with each member to find love and get married

The meetings between members can be held in Lebanon or near your city.


Many of our members are referred to us by existing and former members, so it’s very important that all our members enjoy the PomdAmour experience and find genuine, chemistry-driven, relationship success.


PomdAmour format has been copied by many other organizations, but none have equaled Solange’s amazing success.


Here at PomdAmour after 16 years of practicing and over 140 successful marriages, we understand the deeper meaning and value of having truly successful long-lasting relationships and marriage. This highly valued understanding is irreplaceable when combined with our expertise, ability, commitment, and high code of ethics.
You’ll find our process both solid and reliable

PomdAmour caters to the most financially and intellectually elite social circles in many cities. We act for a select group of educated, refined, successful, international clients who give their best in all they do and who, in return, only wish to receive the best. We focus our service to commitment-minded clients who will not compromise in any area of life; especially their love lives.


Our select network of members is aged from their mid 28’s to late 65’s+.

Single, never married, divorced, separated or widow.

If you are educated, refined, successful single-minded, motivated to find the right partner but you don’t have time, new comer membership is for you

Our goal is to make life more balanced, beautiful, and significant.
We respect commitment to our clients and members as we desire long-term relationships of trust and mutual benefit. Our service serves you as a bridge!


Our Vision
Nothing ventured, nothing achieved, the pathway is discovered by making the first move, first step. Be certain of our support as a patient and convinced person arrives faster.


Meeting your potential future partner does not have to be without spark. The romance and the suspense are still there. We simply make it easier for you because you have already participated in the selection of your prospect wife/husband.


Experience for yourself and choose your membership

New comer membership – Quick and easy membership   

New comer membership

This membership is our ‘masterpiece’.
(Check fees, conditions and final close in Terms and Privacy) click here

It’s a Fact that we have successfully accomplished over 140 weddings.

Since its inception in 2007 PomdAmour has repeatedly received enquiries from overseas residents. 60% of Married couples through our service are residing abroad after their wedding.

In our globally mobile society this interest in forming international relationships continues to grow. Over 75% of our clients are recommended to join us by word of mouth from who founds love through us, or because of our reputation that we are the first Matrimonial agency in Beirut

Since the Covid we meet our clients through WhatsApp video, we also use emails for propositions.

We believe that PomdAmour International is a unique and affordable service for Lebanese abroad and Locals.  We look forward to welcoming you as a new and valued client.
Therefore, PomdAmour maintains the absolute highest level of confidentiality.


For instance, after a few initial dates we might ask you a few professionally and strategically

questions via phone or sometimes via email, to follow up your steps and to provide us with the tools required to sharpen our next search in the best possible way


To facilitate matchmaking success, you're able to view photos of your matches before meeting them in person for your first dates.


And, after meeting your preferred matches in- person for a date, you provide us with feedback (and so will your date) so we can faultless your next introduction process.


As a PomdAmour member, you’re always in control; it’s all about you finding your perfect relationship and being introduced to that special partner who is truly everything you’ve ever wanted and more.

NEW Quick and easy membership, starting June 2023

This subscription is ideal for women/men residing in Lebanon as we know the actual financial crises.

What makes it worthy?

Many Single persons are interested in our memberships but have never been encouraged, Quick & Easy membership allows them to get used to the idea of meeting other members and receive propositions when it’s possible.  (it's comparable to a break-in)

6 months 500 $ /euro. Payable in one time
-Opportunity to start meeting new interesting people

-It works on the principle of confirmed matches (which is just another way of saying we ensure that someone wants to meet you), if you agree of course.

-Possibility to up great to new comer Membership saving your payment

It allows you to keep your file in our search engine for 6 months  

Your personal data remains 100% confidential. Only a tiny summary ‘profile’ can be used to introduce you.

After reviewing your application, if we believe that the PomdAmour International is a good fit for you, your membership shall be accepted.

Initial Consultation:

Rapidly, you shall receive a call or an email agreement to fix the date and time for in-person consultation or a WhatsApp video Call or any other platform to get to know you better and respond to all your pending questions.

Each criteria is important, each require is essential for an enhanced match


Once you are convinced and feel confident you will decide to move forward and meet your potential partner, photos are essential to glimpse your match before meeting him in person for your first date.


We believe transparency reinforce trust

All information you provided will remain strictly confidential and will not be shared outside of our Matchmaking Team without your permission, and your information will only be shared within the team for the purposes of providing you with stronger matches.